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GUARANA Organic 100% POWDER (Paullinia cupana) Freshly Harvested Amazon-NO CHEMICAL CONTAMINANTS


Guarana seeds (Paullinia cupana Kunth, family Sapindaceae), thanks to their high content of caffeine and polyphenols, are a powerful toner and antioxidant.

Coming from the Amazon, guarana is considered a plant with a multitude of therapeutic properties, among which its neurostimulatory, cardioprotective and slimming activity stand out.

Guarana is considered a medicinal plant with great therapeutic properties: tonic, stimulant, slimming and aphrodisiac. Its invigorating properties are largely due to its high caffeine content. Caffeine increases mental alertness, thereby promoting an improvement in cognitive abilities, and reducing symptoms of fatigue.

Thanks also to its high caffeine content, guarana has been used to increase weight loss, as it helps to increase basal metabolism and thermogenesis.

In addition, guarana shows strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity due to its content of polyphenols and saponins. On the other hand, these polyphenols have cardioprotective properties, inhibit platelet aggregation and help to combat the formation of atheromas (fat accumulation on the walls of the arteries)

The indigenous communities of the Amazon have used guarana for centuries for its medicinal, stimulating and energetic properties. The earliest records on guarana date back to the Inka era and speak of how indigenous witches scraped the seed in cold water and drank it prepared during ceremonies and before their long hunts. In addition, this concoction was considered by the indigenous people an elixir to promote a long life.

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, guarana aroused the interest of doctors for its high caffeine content and it is then that domestication and use of this plant spread, reaching records in its consumption.

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